[GET] YT Cards Review. YT Cards Download

In case you don’t know already, YouTube has added an awesome new feature that EVERY person working on the internet needs to be using.


This new feature is called YouTube Cards, and it is a very powerful marketing tool for affiliate marketers, product developers, local businesses… and even anyone thats doing entertainment videos.

YouTube Cards is essentially like linked annotations for the future. Why is this so important? Well because while annotations are awesome, YouTube Cards fixes some major holes, such as the ability to work with mobile devices. It also gives you the ability to change the card, so it’s awesome for local businesses offering limited time specials!

As with all YouTube tools, it can be a bit complex for many, which is why Ray The Video Guy decided to put together what I believe is the world’s first YouTube Cards product! And best of all, if you are reading this email, you can be one of the first to get your hands on it.

You get exclusive access to this world’s first training, which means you get more access to me for questions, updates and more YT Card templates

You get a variety of pre-made YT Card templates in a variety of niches (with more to be added). These come as PSDs for editing and ready-to-use JPEGs!

You get full training on how to set up your account and channel to use YouTube cards

You learn how to link your videos to MULTIPLE websites.. not just one!

You Learn how to use YouTube Cards to have links inside your Hangouts and Live Events!! (This is HUGE!!)

Access to our Facebook group to ask questions, provide suggestions, and share struggles and successes

> Download YT Cards

[GET] YT Cards Review. YT Cards Download

[GET] Tube Traffic Scraper Review. Tube Traffic Scraper Download

Massive Video Traffic Without… SEO, Backlinks, Social Proof!


How would you like to rank your brand new videos that have no social proof, no backlinks, no views, no likes, no comments and so on, for keywords like weight loss, dog training, web hosting, video games.

People have been running under the radar with this method for about the past 2-3 years

Cliff Carrigan only recently decided to actually make this system and custom software public.

I’m just giving my own people a chance to get a copy of the software before the general public even knows about it.

> Download Tube Traffic Scraper

[GET] Tube Traffic Scraper Review. Tube Traffic Scraper Download

[GET] $375K In 7 Days Review. $375K In 7 Days Download

Your Blueprint for Six Figures


Finally, someone’s ready to take you inside of a multiple six figure launch to let you know what it really takes. It’s probably not what you think:

What happened in March of 2015 was a surprise do to much of the internet marketing world, to see our webinar system posting ridiculous numbers right out of the gate.

But it wasn’t a surprise to the partners who launched it…

The reason is that they had a blueprint and a plan. They knew what would make the launch successful, long before the first email was sent or first buy button was hit. If they could know ahead of time that their launch would succeed, based on a “blueprint”, wouldn’t that be worth knowing?

That’s what’s happening today at 11 AM EST. The Webinar Fusion Pro Team is revealing the blueprint and plan they used to generate a massive number of sales on launch day.

And…they included everything in the plan.


  • They’re showing you what JV recruitment is.
  • They’re showing you what makes a great product
  • They’re showing you what a profitable sales funnel is
  • They’re showing what a team dynmamic looks like
  • Yes, everything…from the inside out.

It’s the exact blueprint you’re going to need if you expect to be able to see your name, your product or your team on multiple leaderboards.

> Download $375K In 7 Days

[GET] $375K In 7 Days Review. $375K In 7 Days Download

[GET] Jumbo Video Blowout V.2 Review & Download

The Ultimate toolkit for creating awesome videos, even if you don’t have access to any video creation software!


This got to be one of the most amazing video toolkits out there, it is packaged with myriad of contents and the best thing is as long you have PowerPoint, you can also create amazing videos if you don’t have access to video creation software!

  • Various PowerPoint creative animated slides set that you can use to mix and match to create unique and engaging videos.
  • A big set of PowerPoint video templates in various high demand offline & online niches that you can use to rapidly deploy engaging videos.
  • Animated characters that you can use to enhance your video production project.
  • SVG characters for sketch video production.
  • And a lot more contents!

You can use all the above contents in conjunction with all the popular video creation software out there such as Explaindio, Camtasia and many more.

The Jumbo Video Blowout V.2 is truly amazing, it comes with some of the most imaginative video resources and adding these to your collection is a must!

> Download Jumbo Video Blowout V.2

[GET] Jumbo Video Blowout V.2 Review & Download

[GET] Profit Penguin Review. Profit Penguin Download

Earn TODAY With No Website, Paid Traffic Or Clue… Is This Too Good To Be True?


Not sure why so many like to overcomplicate the process of earning online.

Because at the end of the day, earning online shouldn’t be ANY harder than making a buck anywhere else. In fact, it should be easier…

Find Out How Easy It Can Really Be!

One of the most proven ways to earn, anywhere, is to act as an agent between people needing stuff, and those willing to provide it.

And thanks to the internet, this process can be 100% automated, so ANYONE can do it.

Without a website, without paid traffic, and without any experience.

Just hook up service providers with people needing a service, and bank easy commissions. And finally there’s a software that automates it all for you…

> Download Profit Penguin

[GET] Profit Penguin Review. Profit Penguin Download

[GET] Infographics Business Edition Review. Infographics Business Edition Download

Instant content for your Facebook pages and blogs!


Did you know? If you check your Facebook newsfeeds or you’re on Pinterest you will know that Infographics are popular.

They make perfect viral material for your friends and THEIR friends to share, and that’s why social media marketers love them so much.

Unfortunately, they make it look so simple because in actuality, it is *PRICEY* to create them.

FYI they usually cost around $500 to create (if you want them to be good)…

… Well, until now that is.

Check out this killer pack of 15 premium Infographics:

> Download Infographics Business Edition

[GET] Infographics Business Edition Review. Infographics Business Edition Download